On March 15, 2017 we lost a member of our musical family way too soon. Fred′s wife and best friend died after being together for almost 43 years. It was years of love and adventure that Fred and Margo shared. Margo was the love of Fred′s life but she was also his fishing buddy and scuba buddy. They traveled the world together filming a fantastic and beautiful underwater existence that they shared with many. Margo also built a successful business of her own and was a supporter of the Natural History Museum of Utah.

There are many words that could describe Margo but two favorites are compassionate and selfless. In 2014 she opened her home to Fred′s geezer rocker bandmates for a week of recording in Salt Lake City. Margo of course was a gracious host and put up with all of them. After a long week of recording a Friday night live concert was held in the studio all of it planned by Margo. After that week she was canonized into sainthood, forever to be known as St. Margo of Utah.

Depending on your beliefs you have your own opinion of where she went on March 15th. Maybe she took off on another adventure by herself this time. The selfish side of us would like for her to return. The unselfish sides of us need to realize that on this adventure she left all the pain behind and as long as we hold her in our hearts she will be around forever.

In addition to her family, Margo leaves behind scores of friends. She loved them all and everyone loved her right back.

Found on Margo′s computer March 26, 2017

In the end, only three things matter:
How much you loved,
How gently you lived, and
How gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.